Thursday, June 17, 2010

Got My Ponds Now

When my sister was still in the Philippines I asked her to buy me Ponds. So, when she came for a visit here last weekend I was glad to see the two boxes of ponds. This is the only facial soap wash that I am comfortable to use for my face. My sister is a beauty conscious and she has tons of different beauty stuff that she carries around every time she travels. She handed me a lip gloss and cream moisturizer but what I really need is an eye wrinkle cream. She brought his pimple cream, moisturizer cream, facial cream and more but she didn't have eye wrinkle cream. Anyhow, I am happy I got my ponds now and I'll just worry about this wrinkles later.


rjs mama said...

me too! i also need an eye wrinkle cream

Lulu said...

i need more than just an eye cream

Dhemz said...

waaaaaa...wala man tawon ko beauty!

ayay! 2 man jud ka box...hehhehhee!

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