Friday, June 11, 2010

2 Years and 3 Months

Another month added to my little guy's age now. He just turns 27 months old today, March 11th. It's very interesting how kids changes everyday and discovers different things. They learn new things and words everyday. I know that Jake is a very good boy but lots of times he misbehaves because of sibling rivalry. I can't blame him to feel that way and we really tried to give him the attention that he needs. He gets jealous with Justine lots of time and he wants our attention all to himself. He hurt Justine just to get our attention not because he wants to hurt her. Every weekend, Justine and I usually got up late in the morning and I always heard Jake looking for his sissy. That only shows he cares for her. Aside from sibling rivalry, Jake is in the stage of what they call terrible twos. He does lots of terrible things that annoyed and pissed us off. Well, this attitudes and behavior are just part of his milestones, eventually it will be change when he start to understand words. To my buckaroo happy 2 years and 3 months birthday! Always remember that Dada and Mama loves you and sissy so very much.


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