Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WLW - I Love You Mother

With Love Wednesday

I Love You Mother, with out you I am nothing.
I Love You Mother, for raising us to be a good christian,
I Love You Mother, for sending us to school even if it means you have to work really hard and disregards your own needs.
I Love You Mother, for loving us and bringing us into this world,
I love you Mother for eveything.
You are the best Mom and i thank God for giving us a Mom like you.
Happy Mother Day Ma. and belated Happy Birthday.

I love both my parents, with out them I wouldn't be here right now.


Lulu Post said...

gwapa imong mama mami shy!

yes indeed without the mother we wont' be here and we won't be what we are!

Jona said...

your mom looks sweet :D

I added your link in the linkylist. thanks for joining!

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

ang bata pa ng mommy mo!

Dhemz said... sweet...hinumdom man sad nuon ta sa atong mader earth tsang...ehehehhe...ka wafa sa mama woi....:) looking young paman kaau....thanks for sharing bayot...happy mother's day in advance...mwah!

Cecile said...

happy mother's day sa imong Mama, Tsang ug belated happy bday sad :-)

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