Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our First Disney Vacation

Several years back, my Wife and I decided to take our three children down to Orlando Florida for their first trip to Walt Disney World. We saved the money, I had the Vacation Time from work and nothing was holding us back so we decided to surprise the kids by not telling them that we were going.

After my Wife and I secretly packed the needed clothes while the kids were at school, I snuck out to load everything into the trunk of our car while they were asleep. Saturday morning came and we woke the children early in the morning. With sleep still in their eyes, they clumsily got dressed and asked what was going on as my Wife ushered them all out of the door. I set our ADT home security system and quickly ran out the door just as I heard the familiar chirp of it arming itself.

As I approached the car, I could hear my Wife explaining to them that we were going to the festival at the local beach which was about an hour away and they could sleep a little more before we got there. All three of them were fast asleep again before we were out of our neighborhood. I looked at my Wife and without a word being said, we realized that we pulled the surprise off and they would awake with the shock of their lives.

They slept as solidly as ever during our four hour drive to Orlando. We arrived in Orlando around 9 AM and we started noticing the slow awaking of one of them. He seemed a bit confused and bewildered by where he was and immediately started asking questions. My Wife and I told him to get some more rest but he simply refused.

As we passed a highway billboard that announced where we were, he started screaming “We’re going to Disney!” with all his might. Needless to say those few words immediately woke-up the other two kids and my Wife and I were soon feeling the hugs from all three around our necks from the backseat.


This is a guest post from Marissa Katin



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