Saturday, April 24, 2010

Updates about J&J

The spring allergy looks like it starting to subside. My Jake and Justine are feeling better now. Justine is not having fever anymore since yesterday while Jake is been walking but limping. He can't walk with his foot flat, his limping and walks tiptoed. He tiptoed and walks or run with the sole of his foot not touching the ground. I convinced my husband early this week to get an x-ray of Jake's foot to see if there is any part of his leg or foot was damaged from the heavy glass table fell on it. He said yes, but then suddenly he changed his mind because Jake's is walking alright. I just keep my mouth shut before we resort to some arguments. So, a while ago he said something like taking Jake to a doctor next week to get an x-ray because he was worried of how the way he walks. If this kind of thing happens to lots of older people they can already get disability insurance. And according to my husband toddler or young children have soft bones and Jake foot is probably just a bruise that causing the pain. My Mother in law also called and told him to take Jake to the doctor. It happens to her one time when she slipped in her drive way and couldn't get up. Good thing there was a neighbor saw her and help her out. My only concern right now is to get Jake walk normal again and hoping that his foot is fine. Our insurance will cover it just in case he needs a cast if they found out any broken bones or something. Anyhow, these are the updates of my J&J. Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!


♥Willa♥ said...

Yung dalawa ko rin, mukhang finally, tapos na sa allergy, hopefully wag na bumalik para naman ma enjoy nila ang outdoor.

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