Friday, April 30, 2010

The Cookie Monster

Yes, she is a cookie monster. Look at that little lamb chop eating cookie like a one year old toddler.

She is very sneaky though one she sees that kuya Jake has cookie in his hand she would follow him around and grab Jake's cookie. Every time Jake has a food or cookie in his hand he put them in a table, floor or his hiding place and come back for later. But Justine follows him around so she steals those cookies that Jake hides. Even the Oreo that is very hard she would eat it. I have seen her countless of times eating cookie and having hard time chewing because she only had one tooth and she still finish the whole piece of cookie. Even before when she was still toothless she already eat cookie.

In this pictures Justine was not feeling well but look at that she still able to munch on her cookie. She eats rice now and veggies like carrots and potatoes. I'm glad this girl is a good eater.


Laikka said...

hahhahahha..cute! lingaw najud basta duha shang no..hehheh!

abi nako ang imo nani blue MM..heheh! ayo2x diha mader!

Cecile said...

MM entry mo ba to, Tsang, kasi puro blue eh :-); kakatuwa yung mga anak mo...takaw din pala sila sa cookies :-); ganyan din yung dalawang alaga ko dito eh :-)

Kayce said...

ahahaha! so cutie sis! pareho din sila ng daughter ko.. cookie monster din! lol

♥Willa♥ said...

I bet Jake is not happy with her eating his cookies! :D

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