Friday, March 5, 2010

Latest Electronics

I just noticed that most of the kids these days are cognizant of the latest toys, high class gadgets and technology on the market. Some kids even know the latest electronics and computer stuff. It's pretty amazing how these kids learn all this kind of things. When I was a kid I can't even operate our own VCR or TV because our parents won't let us. Kids now have their own television, own DVD and other electronics in their room. It just a matter of time and Jake will start to demand of his own TV in his room. He can't keep his hands off from our TV, cable, DVD player and computer. Our 8 years old TV is not actually working really well this days. We need to buy a new one and upgrade some of our appliance, furniture and electronics devices. But right we have to save first so we can buy these things I mention and replace the old ones.


♥Willa♥ said...

Si Patrick nga daig pa ako, alam nya i set up yung PSP nya para makapg Facebook sya kahit gamit namin ng daddy nya ang kanya kanya naming computer :D
For sure,si Jake din, mas marami pang alam sa iyo in the future. :D

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