Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Got Hemorrhoid

In my thirty years of single life I'm proud to say that I never get sick. I am not a sickly person and do not have any allergy either. As far as I remembered I get fever occasionally because of over fatigue but not that serious. I also don't like taking medicines when I get sick. When I was pregnant with my first born that was my first time ever that I felt pain in my body. My back was always aching, my legs, my butt plus the nausea and head aches. Then when I gave birth I got third degree hemorrhoid from pushing. Even if I only pushed for 15 minutes during delivery I still got the hemorrhoids and the doctor said that was natural and very common when you give birth. The doctor gave me a hemorrhoid cream after delivery which I used right away when they transferred me to postpartum room. The hemorrhoids gave me so much pain and the cream helped eased the pain. After three months from birth the hemorrhoid was gone. Then I got pregnant again and gave birth to my second baby. She came out quickly and the pushing only took five minute and Poof there she was. I thought I never got hemorrhoid during that time but I was wrong. I got second degree hemorrhoids and up until now it pop out if I am constipated. Once the hemorrhoid is out it's hard to get rid of it. I'm glad there is a hemorrhoid cream that sooth the pain and itchiness. It's the best hemorrhoid treatment so far.


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