Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bouncing 7-month-old Baby Justine

The expression "a bouncing baby boy or bouncing baby girl" is what my Baby Justine been doing this past months. She started enjoying the art of jumping when I let her jump with jake and when she had the jumper toy and she loves it. Now, every time I hold here she just start bouncing like a ballet dancer. If I prop her upright on my thighs, I likely see some bouncing up and down. Bouncing is great exercise for those little legs and will help ready your baby for standing, crawling, and eventually walking. This exciting development is also a gentle reminder that it's a good idea to start childproofing your home now in preparation for the scooting and crawling just ahead. The last appointment she had, her doctor handed us some sticker and pamplets regarding child proofing.

Moreover, my little jelly bean just turns 7 month old today March 3rd. She can hold on to some object now like sticks and pass it on to her other hands. She is doing really well with holding her own bottle milk. Totally different with jake, where he started holding his own bottle milk when he was like 13 months because he was lazy. With Justine as soon as you handed her the bottle you can pratically continue with your chores. Every once in a while she looks for boobie milk. And she will be crawling soon as she started the crawling position this past couple of week. Thats all for todays update.

Can't help it had to snap my camera for this one. I know it is not safe for baby to be in a place with wires but this little jelly bean always like going under the tv and try to touch the cable box.



wow how time flies! mag 2 years old napud imu manoy in a couple of weeks. Mommy is going to have her hands full with you when your older,hehehe.. cge lng kay wafa man kaayo ka..

Clarissa said...

awww..super bilis naman ang paglaki ni Justine!sabi nila mas mabilis daw ang development ng second child at ang baby girl.Ang cousin ng mga anak ko dito na puro lalake,ganun din sila--medyo late ang development.
Cutie talaga ni Justine!

Dhemz said...

7-month already? that fast? gosh...kadali jud kaau sa panahon tsang no....:)

sos ka cute sa buyog woi...lami kaau kusion ang aping...ehehheh!

♥Willa♥ said...

huwaw! tapang ni Justine ,baka akala nya mga wiggly worms yung cable wire. Keep your eye on her all the time,mommy!

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