Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Never Quit

My husband had been trying to quit smoking for almost three years now and never succeeded. For me if you really want to quit you absolutely can no matter how hard the process and adjustment is. He has kids now and smoke from cigarette is definitely can affect the person who smells it even if they don't smoke. He just doesn't want to quit and never will I think. I told him to try the cigars I guess it has mild smell than the ordinary cigarettes. My Brother-in-law smoke cigars and buy cigars from famous shop online as it has lots of selection from different top brands. The last time my sister visited me here in Pittsburgh I accompanied her to buy humidors in one cigar shop we have nearby our place. She only bought the humidor as a gift to her pilot husband but not cigar because like I said her husband rather buys cigars online. Anyway, my husband said he tried smoking cigars before when he was still living in Texas but it did not last long because he quit. I don't understand now why he finds it so hard to quit. I won't really mind if he switches to cigars. Well whenever he wants to quit it's up to him. He will never quit I'm sure.


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