Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yucky Pimples

Having pimples or acne is very common to teenagers. It is part of growing up I think but usually it won't stay for long. Nonetheless, lots of reason why people gets acne, it could be genetics, lack of sleep, or dust and pollution allergy. I started having pimples or acne when I was in my mid twenties due to lack of sleep but it wasn't that bad compared to others. I never had problem getting rid of my pimples, it just cleared up on its own with out me using any cleansing and acne medicine. But when I got pregnant with my first born my yucky, gigantic pimples appeared. I tried using mild cleansing hoping to get rid of it but it's worthless. Nothing changes and it gotten worse. So, I stopped and I was glad it started to clear up after my pregnancy. So, if you have acne problems find the right acne medicine instead of experimenting.



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