Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Multivitamins for Hubby

My husband used to take Calcium Centrum as his Vitamins before but when he finished the whole bottle he did not buy more of it. Then, few months ago he bought a store brand Multi-Vitamins for no reason and didn't even use it because he doesn't like it. I was thinking of sending it to my father back home but I doubt if he will like it either.

While me on the other hand still taking the pregnancy pill and a multi-vitamin up until now since I am breast feeding. We can find many choices of multivitamins for woman and kids but how about men's multivitamin for our hardworking man. I told him to ask his Doctor about the kind of Vitamins he need to take since he has been taking other prescriptive health medicine too. My husband needs Vitamins that provide the good nutrients to maintain his good health and energy. They are the main provider of the family so; they should be well taken care of.


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