Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jake @ 20-month-old

Jake turns 20 month old yesterday!

One of his kakulitan is distructing his lil sissy sleep because he wants to play with her.

As my buckaroo grows older, he became naughtier and wiser typical for toddler. He is very active and wanted to play all day long and all night long. If we put him to nap, you thought he napped, but the truth is he wasn't, he was just playing in his crib. He knows how to fake his nap, he would pretend like he nap by being so quite at first, reading book and close his eyes. Then, he'll wake up crying and screaming and throwing a fit. But there are also times that he is very good in napping. While at night, we usually put him to bed around 8:00-8:30 whether he like it or not and most of the time he doesn't want to go to bed that early because he is still wants to play. We apply time out on him but boy, sometimes time out don't really works on him. Jake has been a very good boy eversince, but lately he is behaving bad like hitting us, pulling my hair, throwing stuff everywhere, hit his sister, and throwing a fit. I read online that this kind of behavior is common for toddler at his age. His aggressive behavior is a normal part of toddler's development. But we can't tolerate this kind of behavior, we still have discipline him and let him know that aggressive behavior is unacceptable and show him other ways to express his feelings because they still don't know how to talk. Every month we see different changes with our lil guy, from physical appearance to attitude and unique characteristics. Perhaps, some of you also experience it with your toddler and kids. To those new parent and mom like me here is what you can do.

Keep your cool. Yelling, hitting, or telling your child he's bad won't get him to curtail his behavior — you'll just get him more riled up and give him examples of new things to try. In fact, watching you control your temper may be the first step in his learning to control his.

We used to tell him bad every time he did something wrong, and it was a not good thing to say because he is using the word repeatedly to his baby sissy with matching hit or swipe. So, we stop using the word and so far we didn't hear the word b-a-d from his mouth lately. I read in some book before that calling your kids bad, is not good, because he might grow up thinking that he is bad.

We always and forever love this lil guy, he makes us smile everyday tantrums or not. Jake and Justine are the best thing that ever happen to our lives. Everyday, we learn from them on how to become better Mom or Dad and Parents.

Your 20-month-old
What's your toddler doing? At 20 months, your child should be able to run, though not as smoothly as he'll be able to later. He may also go up stairs by himself, but he'll most likely need some help on the way down. He can probably kick a ball, too, yet hasn't gotten the hang of jumping or throwing overhand.

He's active in less desirable ways as well. Small children frequently resort to hitting, pushing, biting, tugging, and other frowned-on actions to make themselves feel more important but also to experiment: What happens when I hit Kaitlin? Will the same thing happen when I hit Justin? Don't overreact to your toddler's behavior. If you retaliate by hitting, it teaches that hitting is okay. Calmly make clear that such actions are never acceptable — no matter how intensely he's feeling.

Toddlers are naturally curious about everything — including their genitals. Just as they played with fingers and toes when they were younger, they'll begin to play with their genitals now. It's nothing to worry about — unless it's happening nonstop. When your child touches himself in public, don't make a huge deal about it. Just explain that some things are done only at home in private.

How your life is changing: Your toddler is very attached to you, but of course you can't always be together. When you or another important adult leaves, it can be unsettling for your child, who relies on your presence to feel secure. Ease transitions by letting him know beforehand that you're going to leave, and then don't drag out your exit. Give him a quick kiss, and be off.

Parent Tip: How to Avoid "No" "Instead of telling my son no all the time, which can lead to power struggles, try saying things like, "Let's try eating with our fork," "Let's not play with the lamp cord right now — let's color instead." You'll find that giving your child a way out that facilitates communication and listening really pays off." —Mary

Guides to your toddler's milestones
from Babycenter.
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Dhemz said...

very nice info tsang...and thanks for sharing...:)

wow ulitawo na jud si a few more months...2 na dayon, time flies very fast....:)

kuya na kaau si Akesha tsang nga tag 9:30 naman ni sa gabie ma tog...busy lagi sa iyang room ug duwa..tapos basa-basa ug books...d raba ni katog ning kulota kung way music...

balo baka nga iyang fave nga music is katong imong g pada nga cd...iya tawag ato kay monkey song...ehhehe!

thanks kaau ato tsang ha...mao intawon to iyang fave ever since.....:)

Seiko said...

Really time passes by so fast,ang laki na ni Jake.You're right Mommy,the more we say No to them the more na hindi makikinig sa yo.

Clarissa said...

Parang kelan lang nating nakikitang maliliit pa ang kids tapos bigla na lang silang lalaki noh?!Cutie pics of the two of them!!^_^

Mel Alarilla said...

Hi Shy,
I commiserate with what your child is undergoing right now. He feels threatened when his kid sister arrived in your family. Where once he is the only apple of your eyes, now he has to share or even surrender that privilege to his kid sister. Medyo maselan ang stage na yan kasi nga magreresort sa tantrums and other bratty behaviors para makakuha lang ng attention. Mas malalim na pangunawa at pagamamahal ang kailangan at palaging reinforcement at reassurance sa kanya na siya pa rin ang bida sa buhay ninyong magasawa at ngayon nga ay dalawa na sila. Kailangang maipaunawa nyo sa kanya na kakampi ang kapatid niya at hindi kakumpetensiya. Normal lang sa growth ng magkapatid ang pinagdadaanan nila. Nasa inyo nang magasawa yun kung paano nyo pantay na maipapadama sa kanila na pareho nyo silang mahal. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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