Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ways in Breastfeeding in public

When Jake was 4 months old we traveled by plane to Vegas. That was our first vacation as a family of 3 and I was still breast feeding him then. Before the month of our vacay, we tried to put him on a formula or use bottle milk rather so that I don't have to nurse him if we are on the plane, but Jake was stubborn and refused to drink on a bottle so, apparently bottle feeding never work on him. Had no choice but to nurse him while we were still on the plane. I covered ourselves with his blanket, ohh boy... that was so uncomfortable for me breastfeeding in public. Different from some people or mother back home, they don't mind breastfeeding in public, such as jeepney, neighbors house or every where. Not all mothers though, only some of them especially the older ones.

From Baby Center
You can legally breastfeed anywhere you choose, and some states have additional laws protecting a woman's right to nurse in public. It's certainly more convenient (and perhaps sanitary) not to hide in a dirty restroom or your car. Of course, that doesn't mean you'll always feel comfortable doing it. Some ways to boost your comfort level:

* Wear a two-piece outfit with a loose-fitting blouse that can be pulled up from the bottom. This allows your baby to nurse underneath your blouse and lets you avoid opening your blouse from the top and taking your breast out. Nursing tops designed with discreet slits or flaps can help boost your confidence.

* Be sure to wear a nursing bra with cup flaps you can open with one hand while you hold your baby with the other.

* Consider the color and fabric of your shirts. A light color is more likely to show leaked breast milk or breast pads, and a silk or satin top is more apt to be stained or ruined by breastfeeding. Patterned tops conceal stains best.

* Wear a shawl or use your baby's blanket to cover your breast and midriff while your baby's feeding if you want to give yourself some extra coverage.


Lulu said...

gipasuway nako breastfed si Andrea agoy waman intawon makaila sa ahong totoy! Nakaingon siguro to si Andrea ngano gamay man ni hehehe


i love breastfeeding, the connection is so strong and the feeling cant be explained into words. I breastfed by daughter anywhere if she was hungry. and I dont care if it made people uncomfortable when its the most natural thing in the world. Too bad it didnt last long with kaitlyn.. at 6 months she was already weaned from my boobies since she was eating solid food by then. Hence ni kuyos ug balik ako totoy to raisins,hahahah

Dhemz said...

na korek ka ato sa pina kay wala man paki...labi natong mga taga ilaya...hahahaha...joke!

ako wala ko ka experience mag patotoy sa public nuon...murag uwaw man ata tsang no...hehehe....pero katong kamo oks ra kay naa man sa plane..nya tabon man...ang uban bya sa pinas kay wala jud tabon woi....ahhahaha...kita man jud tawon ang!

Seiko said...

I love breast feeding too.Breast feed din lahat ng kids ko,but never tried it in public hehe.Ang hirap pala pag ayaw ng baby ng feeding bottle mapipilitan ka talaga magpabreast feed even when you're in public.

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