Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Helping Brother and Sister Get to Know Baby

The birth and addition of a new child is an adjustment for our family and fffffor us as a parent. At the same time, we are concerned about our older son's acceptance of a new baby. Sometimes hard to control when he really took a swipe or hurt a baby when he is jealous. Other time he was gentle and give the baby a kiss when he hears her crying or moaning.

To those parents and family who have the same situation like ours, here are suggestions that you may find helpful with their adjustment.
* It can be hard for your other child(ren) to have a new baby in the house.
* Even a child who is excited about a baby may get jealous of the time you need to spend taking care of this new person.
* Try to give atleast 15 minutes every day to your other child, without the baby's interruption to help him feel special too.
* During baby feeding times, keep some small snacks and books nearby so you also have something to share with your other child.
* If you have concerns, talk with your baby's doctor or the hospital for extra ideas.
* Do not leave small children alone with the baby. Even loving play may hurt the baby because your older does not know better.


d'kitchen said...

agoy tawon..kalouy ni inday sure lisod sa part ni jake kay sya bya ang baby sa una....karon na instant kuya na sya....hehehe...I can tell that he will be a wonderful kuya to baby Juz in the future....:)

Cecile said...

great tips ani, Shy; makatabang nimo kay lisod man imong situation karin, plus it would help Jake feel love and secure bisan naa na si justine.

Chie Wilks said...

elow sis...laag ko diri sa imong new mansion..added this blog to my blog list.nice jud ni idea kay updated jud mi kaau sa imong mga langga nga mga babies

chubskulit said...

Sige take note ko to bakla para sa next baby ko nyahahahaha.. ang cute cute naman ng J&J..

Nga pala bakla anong pop-up ba yung lumalabas na comment sa blog ko?

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Cacai M. said...

oi ka-sweet nila Karya..

Seiko said...

S sweet naman ni Jake.Mabait naman pala eh,he really cares for his baby sister.Love you Jake!!

Jacris said...

ano ba ito nahuhuli na ako sa balita my beautiful blog pla d2 lol anyways I will grab na your pretty badge and add the links in my blogroll list...
Ang sweet talaga ni Jake I know he will be a good and protector brother. Kaya lucky si baby Justine...
Senxa na at mejo busy ako lately hindi sa Fb lol dami trabaho sa bahay kaya kahit blog ko di go gano nabibisita...
Miss you bading :p

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