Saturday, September 12, 2009

18 Months old & 1st Visit

Jake just turn 18 months old yesterday Sept. 11th. He can do lots of things now like a two year old toddler. He is started showing negative attitudes now, lots of tantrums, shows unpleasant behavior like what we expect in a terrible two's stage. We tried not to react or panic when he come close to justine to give her a kiss or maybe wanted to play with her or else Justine will get a swipe, pinch, and hard slap on the her tummy. But in fairness he is a good brother though, coz when he hears Justine moaning,groaning, whining and crying he would run to her and try to console her. But of course this crabby cake of ours always whining and wanted to be carried all the time which makes our buckaroo jealous and he would want us to carry him too.
Taken yesterday at our porch.

However, hubby took Justine on her first pediatrician appointment yesterday. She is doing great according to the doctor. She is now weight 9 lbs 10 oz, 21.5 inches tall and head circumference 36 cm. Just don't make this lil princess hungry or else you will hear her scream to the top of her lungs. That was what happened at the Doctors office. At the pediatrician Justine had been moaning, making noises until she went fussing and screaming. She stopped when they were already at the car. That was my husbands report to me when they got home and I asked him how was the visit?.
Thanks to bakla Rose for Justine's outfit.

Jake like it if I put Justine on his lap but just be ready to get the baby out because when he is tired or something catches his attention he would just get up and don't mind of Justine.

We always say Jake is a like a baby by the book, it means his milestones following what the book says, not maybe all of them but most of them.
Here is what Your 18-month-old toddler should do;
How your toddler's growing: You may observe a spurt in physical development this month. Your toddler is surer on her feet, loves to climb all over your furniture, and can connect with a kick ball if she concentrates hard enough. She can also hold in her mind a clear memory of an object well after you remove it from her vision. Take advantage of this new capability by playing hide-and-seek with her favorite toy.

There may be days when all that physical energy is more than you can handle. Rather than fight it — after all, you can't do anything to change it — flip on some music, grab your little one, and invent some new dance steps together.

How your life's changing: As your child's "no's" come more frequently, so will your questions about how to discipline her. Set clear limits by telling her what is and is not acceptable behavior. She won't always remember what you've said, but with repetition she'll start getting the idea. And do your best to set a good example; model the kindness, respect, and good manners you'd like to see her demonstrate.


Anonymous said...

sos grabi ka updated dire dah...hehehehe....:)joke!

woi hapit naman diay si jake mag 2....kuya na jud tawon kaau sya tan-awon.....ka sweet tawon kay mag console man dayon sa iyang pricess nga sister...good boy!

agoy kadako na ni baby in? 9lbs? great job tsang...sige jud bahugan maong dako ug dali...hehehhehe! joke...:)

ka cute sa outfit woi...sweet ni manang!

wala diay ka nag kuyog sa pedia tsang? maau ra jud ka kay naa man diay ka tig....hehehee....:)

woi tuod I sent you the 2 headers...will make another one para nakay mapilian..sensya na..mao ra tawon na ang nakaya sakong powers....sige tsang..mag lunch sako...mwah! catch ya later

Lulu said...

i love the new header... pero i love the signature the most

chubskulit said...

I agree with Lulu, I love the signature too...

Natawa ako sa shirt ni Jake kasi meron din nyan si EJ dati lol...

pansin ko lang bakla, sobrang puputi ng mga junakis mo... mestizo meztiza ang kutis!

Nostalgic Marveling
Etcetera Etcetera
Spice up your LIFE!
Obstacles & Glories
Underway! Shift Color

Seiko said...

Naku ganyan din ang naexperience ko after I gave birth to my second child,but then we tried to explained to my eldest that we both love them and hindi magbabago yon & it happens again & again hanggang sa makaapat kami lol
Ang laki na ni Justine ang bilis ng panahon,parang kelan lang ang laki laki ng tyan mo the first time I'd met you here ,but then ngayon mukhang seksi ka nanaman.
Ang sweet sweet naman pala ni Jake eh,pakiss nga kay Jake mwah!
And pakihug mo na rin ako kay Justine.
Btw, thanks for grabbing my badge & yeah,me too 'm glad we're friends & I'm hoping the same way too,that this friendship endures longer...for life.Luv yu!
Nobela nanaman ginawa ko dito baka lumabo na mata mo kagaya ko lol
Hugs & kisses to cutey cutey Jake & Justine!

Cecile said...

ka sweet naman ni Jake dire uy :-), amping jud siya sa iyang sister.

i like the signature here, tsang, so cute!

Cacai M. said...

HELLO Karya, ganahan jud ko og tan-aw aning sila duha oi ky very nice tan-awon.. nahan pod ko ya outfit na gisuot ky Manang Rose.. they are adorable Tsang..

By the way, ako diay gi-snag ning badge ani Karya og plastar nah sa akong tulo ka mga mansiones(~_~).. ayo2x dha Karya.. muahh!

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