Sunday, August 30, 2009

17 Months old Jake

Jake is 17 months old and at his age he is doing well. He can say words though some of them are not that clear yet but it was fine at his age. Baby at this age they can talk gibberish, and he still scream or yells when he needs something. He is dealing well with Justine right now, well, he hits her every now and then especially if we kind of panic every time he come closer to Justine. He is so curious in everything he sees, and wanted to explore things. Like this mic which is broke now that we used for chatting with my family. Now we don't have a mic to used for chatting.


teJan said...

halu mommy;) hehe enjoy! followed u here also! good day!

Dhemz said...

na korek jud ka tsang...hahahhaa...gable gable lang pod ning akong Akesha...pero some of her words naman is very clear....maong sige namo pabalikon sa iya istorya kay nga nga!

agoy g guba man diay sa upaw inyong mic tsang...hehehhee...curious jake jud ning imong upaw...I think is is very normal at his stage....:)

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