Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Go Green for Mother Earth

Spring and summer are my favorite seasons of the year. One thing I love about spring is you get to see the pretty flowers blooming and how the trees are budding until they are full of green leaves hanging on the branches and twigs. I really like watching the trees on the top of the hills and along the sides of the roads in our area. When we drive some place, we can see how the whole hillside is covered with trees. Watching the green grass and meadows at the park, we surely appreciate the beauty of nature. We all know that trees are one of the most important natural resources that contributes to our green environment and that helps us also as human beings in many ways, such as for shelter, to minimize pollution, to freshen the air and a lot of other things around us. To learn and get some insights on how to be a part of responsible living, go to It is the site that explores ancient and emerging wisdom as the guiding essence to our collective transformation toward harmonious Earth Community called The Tree of Tomorrow Site. This organization nurtures ideas and knowledge for ecovillage conscious living. The purpose of this website is to foster, encourage, support, and inspire the rotation of human consciousness and human society toward love and reason, truth and compassion, peace and harmony — that we may not only survive or subsist as a species, but manifest our inherent potential of fully-conscious, co-creative beings on a vibrant, living planet earth. You will understand their mission and vision better if you go to their site. You've got to check out this site and get to know their purpose, about the the site, community, wisdom, society and culture and even the learning center that teaches people about ecological living. Let us be responsible and help our mother earth and help each other to plant trees and go green.


Dorothy L said...

Such beauty :)

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