Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Contest

Hey guys do you like contest? Here is an easy contest that you might want to check out. Yennygirl of Me and Mine is having a little fun contest for her commenters. It started already last April 25 and supposed to ends last May 31st, but since her eldest son's birthday falls this June, so she extended it until June 15. All you have to do is visit her site and comments on her post from April 25th till the contest ends. She has a nice blog, I think you will keep coming back there and comments even if there is a contest or not. So guys, you still have time to join her no hassles contest, you just have to comments like what we usually do when we bloghopping. Check out the Contest for more details, and for the update. Goodluck and toodles!


Jacris said...

This is a huge celebration.btw I have an award for you

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