Friday, May 29, 2009

Par-tay! memories

Those good ol days, when we were still single and feeling like no obligations and responsibilies in life, in other words no directions hehehehehe. This picture was taken in our house back in cebu and my sisters husband and step daughters visited philippines for the first time. My sister and I made a little party for them, well, whats good in a party are the foods right? We had these foods catered, and 1 whole roast pig.

And the house that I loan but unfortunately, i had to gave it up after 2 years of paying the mortgage and equity. I can't keep up with he monthly mortgage, the stress and pressure and I was still single then. This house brought a lot of memories and fun. I had numbers of parties held here with my friends and relatives.



gengen said...

Oh kanindot ana akoa pa bana di magdugay sa amo lugar talawan....

Betchay said...

Hello,kaanugon gud sa imo balay nga imong gi gave up,its an investment na unta,but well its a big responsibility pud labi na ang monthly payment,hehehe.

Anyway maayo kay wala igange nang imo mga bisita nga puti hehehe. have a good day sistah!

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