Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meet Dallas and Jake

When Jake and I went to vegas last january for a week vacay, My sister picked up Dallas too from Arizona. We had a blast spending time with my sisters family especially with their grandson Dallas. These two little monster enjoyed their moments together, they cried and laugh as if they understand their baby conversation.
Scroll down to see more Dallas and Jake playtime.

These were at the backyard, we tried tire these two lil nuggets so they will take a nap quick.

Messing up with the dish washer.

Reading books together and dallas sharing some of his toys with jake.

Dallas shared his milk from the his sippy cup with Jake.

We were on our way to starbucks at the same time taking a walk.



jijie said...

he he he< nice na imo mga blog, sus bun-og kau akong matris ana nilang duha. Maka buang,

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